Thursday, December 19, 2019

Restore, Repair, Reset

Restore, Repair, Reset

Upon my refection I realize there are somethings that I had to set aside. It was the life of the 3 R's, principals that a true believer can't live without. Yet
I set them aside trying to please the wrong gods.
Yes,you heard me that's right god's of the little "g". In doing so they was winning and I was dying in my spirit.
I had aimed so high in trying to please my family and friends that I was missing what really was important and that is the only wise God. Yes the big "G".
He had been waiting for my return and in that he blessed me. I've come out in my right mind. I've been restored, repaired and now in reset.
People of God let me share this once you've tasted the goodness of the Lord don't let go for family, friends, the world. It will be a painful mistake that can be avoided as NOBODY CAN LOVE YOU GREATER THAN THE ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH ❤️.
Take this journey with me as I lead God's people out of the wilderness. Make way for 2020 by getting rid of all shallow relationships that bring you harm and danger. Lord thank you for this reset and life changing experience.
Love Always
Suprina FireWalking Edwards


  1. This is a stepping stone for 2020. Thanks for the encouragement to move forward. God bless you.

  2. This is SO GOOD! Keep giving us out of the abundance of your relationship with the father. May God keep and bless this new venture of teaching and equipping. 🤗