Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What Has Happened To My People?

Upon the reflection of reading an article of a African American disabled youth being sexual, mentally, physically abused I can say anger arose inside of me.
I am doing this blog in hopes of releasing what is going on in my mind as I am tired of racism being brushed under the rug as if it doesn't exist.
I also find myself angry at the African Americans for truly losing there identity of what it actually stands for to be who we are as a people of color.
Then  flip side of the coin is to bring out these topics as a Christian the church ridicules you for speaking on a reality that can't be denied. 
I ask many questions to the Lord in subject matter yet to still come back with the same answer "70x70, meaning forgiveness". 
Yet where does change take place? It takes place when we as a people love one another for division among the African/African Americans stems from slavery and a separation of colour "Dark Skin vs. Light", the Field Negro vs. the House Negro. 
Still today it exist as we have not learned to embrace freedom, identity and the more. I pray that as I release my expressions in a positive manner that someone finds a broader since of direction within there culture. 
I am laughing now, as I feel like Angela Davis, or a Black Panther Party that only wants to protect and defend the identity of who I am, and we are as a Nation. Nevertheless we will have to come back to the rightful owner "God, Almighty Himself".
People of the God, the Creator of all living hear me as I say this. I have no longer chose to be hidden or lost in my identity and to embrace my Blackness could actually cause a war, but no different then to be a sold out Saint of the most high GOD.....With that being said, find yourself before what has been know of for years will diminish by de-population within our very own community.

From the Table of Apostle Suprina Ford