Thursday, October 12, 2017

Are you satisfied with what you see?

Everyday is a battle for me and the mass others who are living in a world that seem to have forgotten the goodness of the Lord. As I think upon HIS image, I say what do they see when they see me? Is it HIS image I reflect? If I was to be honest there are moments that I don't feel like reflecting HIS image. As I am growing daily I am NOT satisfied with what I see as there should be alot more less of me and more of HIM and HIS GRACE. Somehow it isn't always that way and that is where I know for a fact I haven't arrived.
So how do I get their, you know that place that I find myself falling more in love with what I see in me? I must give him everything that my flesh craves. Even in this it brings on a challenge as my flesh wars against my spirit.
So today, I beseech thee brethren to submit thy will unto the Lord GOD Almighty and instead of thinking what others think of you, what do you see and what you see how do you think GOD will respond? Self-examination is mandatory for me as His Apostle, as HIS child, HIS warrior on assignment. Let us all search our hearts and find Jehovah God today, GOD reminded me that that is still able.

Apostle Suprina on a mission with possibilities as all things are possible with God

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