Thursday, October 12, 2017

Are you satisfied with what you see?

Everyday is a battle for me and the mass others who are living in a world that seem to have forgotten the goodness of the Lord. As I think upon HIS image, I say what do they see when they see me? Is it HIS image I reflect? If I was to be honest there are moments that I don't feel like reflecting HIS image. As I am growing daily I am NOT satisfied with what I see as there should be alot more less of me and more of HIM and HIS GRACE. Somehow it isn't always that way and that is where I know for a fact I haven't arrived.
So how do I get their, you know that place that I find myself falling more in love with what I see in me? I must give him everything that my flesh craves. Even in this it brings on a challenge as my flesh wars against my spirit.
So today, I beseech thee brethren to submit thy will unto the Lord GOD Almighty and instead of thinking what others think of you, what do you see and what you see how do you think GOD will respond? Self-examination is mandatory for me as His Apostle, as HIS child, HIS warrior on assignment. Let us all search our hearts and find Jehovah God today, GOD reminded me that that is still able.

Apostle Suprina on a mission with possibilities as all things are possible with God

Sunday, February 26, 2017

What Blocks your future?

Life with Yah to the mass maybe difficult, yet it's only difficult to those who are not willing to surrender all. In these last hours there is a clarion call not by cliche, but by the movement of God. What position will you been in? Will you allow your past to continue to visit your now, your future? Many are falling by the wayside as there focus is on the past and the storms that surround our Nation. We the people of God have a opportunity to become more successful now than ever. The transference of wealth isn't something you say it's a position your to be in. It will start with your heart of surrender and obedience unto the move and call of God. I challenge you to relinquish your rights for His and get to know God and watch him move.
I have found so much distraction can cause you to live in a stagnant position however if you be a child of God there is a promise that God has given to His children and it goes like this: Proverbs 28:8, and Ecclesiastes 2:26
King James Bible
He that by usury and unjust gain increaseth his substance, he shall gather it for him that will pity the poor. Prov. 28:8

King James Bible
For God giveth to a man that is good in his sight wisdom, and knowledge, and joy: but to the sinner he giveth travail, to gather and to heap up, that he may give to him that is good before God. This also is vanity and vexation of spirit. Ecc. 2:26

Set your heart not on the worldly riches and the wealth will transfer to you as promised by God but you can if living in the past....
Apostle Suprina Ford

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Matter of the Heart, What is your diagnose?

The matter of the heart, it's an issue for the world and the church. We want the benefits of what God can do, but not willing to lay down our life at a maximum capacity. 
What is it? We have allowed thorns to invade our hearts. The cares of this life, selfish ambitions, careers, jobs, family, has become our gods. The bottom line is idol worship is among the people and there losing sight of what God has said in his word. You cannot love God and love the world and think that your not going to pay a penalty, that is impossible. 
I am saying this to you to request you examine your heart, as I was reflecting upon the art work my daughter Hydia did I was reminded about stints. 
Some might ask what is a stint here let me help and define.
Stent: Stents help keep coronary arteries open and reduce the chance of an heart attack. The stent is place in the clogged artery, this helps to keep it open.
Now one might even ask why did I choose this example, I chose it to help the people who don't read the word understand my point is this. Without the word your going to have heart failure, your not going to be able to pump pure blood, that miracle saving blood, JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. You will find as you see in the picture thorns growing in your heart killing everything started out as a good seed as you see in the picture it begin as a wholesome flower that eventually faded away into the thorns produced in our hearts.
People don't leave this earth with the wrong diagnose, the wrong heart, heart failure because you choice to harden your heart in the middle of a storm. This is real business, God love you and wants the best for you, but at the end of the day "Free Will" does exist. So choose who's heart do you want, that of the world or that of God? 

Written By: Apostle S. Ford
Art Work By: Prophetess H. Ford

Saturday, January 7, 2017

There Is Good In The Hood

How many of you have been written off according to society, or life's episodes? How many times have you repeated the same thing, different day, yet same results but really wanting to change?
That would be my story as I have honestly thought I would never come out of what I was in for society labeled me; and I began to believe it. However, as time went on and I begin to seek for a life greater then what was said of me or even what I thought was possible I pressed forward.
It isn't always easy to be renewed in the mind when everything around you just seem so chaotic, so discouraging, and hopeless. Yet there was an unconscious expectation to live.
This is a word for the discouraged, the down-trodden, and the broken. Sometimes life throws you a curb-ball. Meaning one that is not expected as we don't ask for our parents, we don't ask to be abused on any level, we don't ask to be addicted to drugs and the list can go on. In that, life happens so what do you do with what looks like a never ending story of disaster? You press forward and you make the best of a the bad situation without drowning; for some would say defense mode. I know I did and it was not comfortable for what was considered a normal life didn't look so normal for one who was coming out of chaos, and destruction. I remember crying out to God asking many questions and one so familiar with those who will read this, why? Why Lord why? Why did my dad have to be my dad, after all he sexual abused me? Why Lord, why did I have children, after all parenting wasn't what a young adult thought it would be, you know the only on Bill Cosby scene? Why Lord why when I finally found a healthy relationship he dies on me, not just dying; But being found dead in my home leaving me with little ones to fend for while losing my mind. The never ending story of hopelessness, and that for me was real.
Is there anyone out there that figured it's just the life in the hood? That growing up in the hood theres nothing to do but hustle and die. Then this message of "There Is Good In The Hood" is for you.
It isn't until we give our life over to Christ and actually let him in that we find "HOPE". That is what I am talking about becoming a new creation in him, a life that really has happiness to it when one really goes all the way into what is being offered. If this is your story then let me say this, life don't stop just because of what people say, or even living in chaos. I didn't even think it possible to change as I was so far gone into darkness I couldn't see the light. It wasn't until I met Jesus. I didn't meet him like the average person who goes to church or has family that raises them in the Body of Christ. Or even a normal jail house awakening. It was in the process of wandering in the hood, yes in the hood that I discovered my freedom and God really existed. I was in my darkest moment and would be highly toxic and asking God if He was real to show me who HE really was. I remember sitting at bus stops smoking and drinking and all of a sudden God showed up. He always showed up in some of the strangest ways, like sending a stranger over to me that needed more help than me. Or that young women pregnant smoking crack with no place to go, and knowing how I'd never want to see my child like that. I'd take this child in and help guide them along the way. Moments when I wanted to give up as it didn't seem like nobody was listening God always showed up and had me come outside of myself with me never seeing he was walking me into the light right in the hood. Is this you, the person who just when your ready to end it, someone shows up or a situation shows up that causes you to look outside of your problems? Then you see if your reading this you made it. The Good In The Hood was you walking into the light to even come to read this. I walking right into my deliverance and never thought I 'd be free nor writing you that " ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH HIM, JESUS THE CHRIST". He saved my by putting things in my way that brought about a heart to love just when I gave up. I can go on but this is what I will leave you with, what has been put in front of you to bring you to your now? What has been the reason why you still breathe, and why do you think your still here? I can tell you why, there really is good in the hood and it's in his image and likeness. I pray that your don't stop and that you look within and see over the years where God had been carrying you out.
This is a message from the girl who had no purpose until he showed up!!!