Monday, January 9, 2017

The Matter of the Heart, What is your diagnose?

The matter of the heart, it's an issue for the world and the church. We want the benefits of what God can do, but not willing to lay down our life at a maximum capacity. 
What is it? We have allowed thorns to invade our hearts. The cares of this life, selfish ambitions, careers, jobs, family, has become our gods. The bottom line is idol worship is among the people and there losing sight of what God has said in his word. You cannot love God and love the world and think that your not going to pay a penalty, that is impossible. 
I am saying this to you to request you examine your heart, as I was reflecting upon the art work my daughter Hydia did I was reminded about stints. 
Some might ask what is a stint here let me help and define.
Stent: Stents help keep coronary arteries open and reduce the chance of an heart attack. The stent is place in the clogged artery, this helps to keep it open.
Now one might even ask why did I choose this example, I chose it to help the people who don't read the word understand my point is this. Without the word your going to have heart failure, your not going to be able to pump pure blood, that miracle saving blood, JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. You will find as you see in the picture thorns growing in your heart killing everything started out as a good seed as you see in the picture it begin as a wholesome flower that eventually faded away into the thorns produced in our hearts.
People don't leave this earth with the wrong diagnose, the wrong heart, heart failure because you choice to harden your heart in the middle of a storm. This is real business, God love you and wants the best for you, but at the end of the day "Free Will" does exist. So choose who's heart do you want, that of the world or that of God? 

Written By: Apostle S. Ford
Art Work By: Prophetess H. Ford

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